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Fiber to Home Solution Overview

With the development of Internet technology, various network applications are constantly updated, and the large-scale application of HD video on demand and HD video monitoring, the requirements of end users for home broadband are increasing with each passing day. Passive optical network (PON) has the ability of natural anti electromagnetic interference, high system reliability and low maintenance cost. At the same time, as a physical medium, optical fiber supports high bandwidth services and a variety of PON applications, which has gradually become the mainstream direction of FTTH.

GENEW GPON / 10GPON Chassis and PIZZA box OLT products are oriented to the next generation of integrated PON technology, support GPON, XG (S) - PON, GE / 10GE P2P and other access technologies, provide users with voice, data, video, monitoring and other services, and provide perfect FTTH solutions for operators and ISPs.